Our 50th reunion Saturday at the high school is a day for you to converse with the experts, share your own stories, get down with some folk, and jam a little Dixie - - or just stroll down memory lane on a guided tour of the old school. 
PARK in the Dodge Street lot, on the southeast corner of ETHS.
ENTER through the front door.
Our base is the East School Cafeteria - meet here for all tours, KIT talks, and food service.
9:30 AM  - Doors open; continental breakfast

10:00 AM - 10:50 AM K.I.T. talks #1 - #3 - See below

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM K.I.T. Talks #4 - #6 - See below

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM:  Portable lunch available

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Share Your Stories:  Listen to tales written and presented by '68 classmates about adventures after ETHS.  Hosted by Tery Veras, Little Theater
1 PM - 3 PM: Dixie jam: Drop in for a spell, or bring an instrument and toot, strum, or bang along Hosted by David Didriksen, Band / Choral room A115


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM: Hootenanny:  Relive the history of the past 50 years of Chicago folk radio, along with live performances by classmate artists.  Hosted by Rich Warren, Little Theater

KIT talks are informal open discussions initiated by a moderator and a panel of leaders.  Talks will take place in various EAST School classrooms, to be announced on Saturday.  Open to all; only leaders need to sign up in advance.  Please turn off electronic devices and enter / exit quietly as these sessions will be recorded.
10-10:50 AM:
1.  War and peace - from the battlefield and villages to the newsroom and hospital:
Laura Palmer, Vietnam war reporter, TV news producer
Dennis Sershon, Vietnam veteran
Renee Page Meyer, MD VA Hospital, Charleston
Gil Hoel, Social worker, PTSD population
Chris Cain, Peace Corps volunteer
Frances Anamosa, Peace Corps volunteer
Faculty guest:
         Roland Dubosq, WWII French occupation survivor
2.  Truth and consequences - cops, courts, and the media, speaking truth to power in precarious times:
Scott Lassar, former US Attorney, Northern Illinois
Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney General, State of Oregon
Stephen Ellmann, professor of law, constitutional law focus
Rick Tulsky, investigative journalist, founder Injustice Watch
Neil Cohen, Cook County judge (panel advisor)
Faculty guests:
         Robert Trevarthen, attorney, former South Hall Principal
John Reque, journalism teacher ETHS and area colleges
3.  Sports for kicks and keeps - healthy athletics through our lifetime:
Marcey Ganet Siegel, university & k-12 PE and dance teacher
Ron Cooper, ETHS star athlete, college basketball player
Helene Nelson, speed skater and mother of champions
Greg Cook, lifelong outdoors athlete / adventurer
Faculty guests:
         Henrietta Berning, ETHS girls’ PE teacher and coach
Ann Stevens, ETHS girls’ PE teacher and coach
11-11:50 AM
4.  Soundtrack of our future - music fast forward:
Rich Warren, radio host and producer
Ed Cherney, sound recording maestro
Nancy Jones Freeman, bluegrass /classic rock musician and impresssario
Kurt Westerberg, professor of music, composer
5.  Front row seating - Film, TV, theater – it’s been all about us for 50 years, what’s next?
Tim Landfield, professional actor, drama professor
Todd McCarthy, film critic, author, documentary filmmaker
Jeffrey Sweet, playwright and author
Barbara Turvett, professional actor, editor
Deborah Langerman, avant garde theater creator
Faculty guests:
       Bill Ditton, chair ETHS Theater Dept.
       Jerry Madden (observer), ETHS TV / media founder
6.  Scientist citizens- when science meets society: 
Jim Perkins, MD Pathologist Evanston Hospital
Carolyn Kanagy, PhD biophysics and clinical psychology
Doug Shaker, Silicon Valley manager
Faculty guests:
         Doug Halsted, astrochemist and eternal teacher
David Taylor, ETHS chemistry teacher
Jerry Leibforth, ETHS chemistry teacher, business manager