As we gather for this major reunion, with our talented and
accomplished group of classmates, let's show our gratitude
to the school that fostered this creative community.
Some of you superstars may have gotten there unaided,
but I can't imagine what my life would have been without ETHS.

Our Class Gift will benefit the Educational Foundation, to perpetuate
the kind of excellent public education we received at Evanston.

Please watch this short video made by ETHS students,
to see some projects your donation could support: 

We would love to have a conversation with you about your donation.
Susan Moore Gobel, Chair Class Gift Committee

To learn more about the Foundation: 
ETHS Educational Foundation

When you are ready to make your gift: 
Make your check payable to:
"ETHS Educational Foundation."

nclude: “ETHS '68 Reunion Gift” on the memo line.
Mail to:
1600 Dodge Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Attn: Joanne Bertsche, Executive Director 
      ETHS Educational Foundation
  If you prefer to make your gift online:

Thank you to the generous donors who contribute to the 1968 Class Gift. 
We will continue to accept donations throughout our reunion year. 
-The '68 Class Gift Committee

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the Class of 1968 for your generosity. You are having an immediate impact on today’s Wildkits and strengthening every aspect of the ETHS experience. You can be proud of what you have accomplished together. On behalf of the real beneficiaries, the students…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
And remember - It’s always a great day to be a Wildkit!
Joanne Bertsche, Executive Director, ETHS Foundation

Marcy Loyacono Anderson
Jonathan Art
Jane Dillinger Bannor
Thomas R. Barmore
Bill Barron
Stephen Becker
Carolyn Doepke Bennett
Elizabeth Blodgett
Mardon Matthews Blomgren
Christopher and Pamela Cain
Nancy Marple Carter
Donald E. Casey
Jacque Waller Comroe
Greg Cook
Christine Cozzens
Fred DeLeeuw
Jim Dexter
Carol Eckman
Carole Smith Elbin
Stephen Ellmann
Andrew T. Fisher
Milton Frank
Nancy Jones Emrich Freeman
Dori Fujii
Helene Nelson Full
Robert Fuller
Warren Gaskill
Bob Gault
Susan Moore Gobel
Mary Hair Graham
Standiford Helm
Teri Kaufman Heyden
Elizabeth Dworkin Hinds
Andrea Rose Hockfield
Gil Hoel
Peggy Schleker Hoskin
Mimi Martin Iams
Rob Johnston
Fred Kahn
Suzy Kaplan
Frances Higgins Kent
Nirvair (Gerald Gibbs) Khalsa
Dennis W. Knox
Peg Van Bussum Kritzler
Timothy Landfield
Deborah Langerman
Margaret Witty Langguth
Scott Lassar
Gilbert D. Lee
Kristin Lems
Ronald Levy
Cordelia Maloney
Geoff Marchant
Todd McCarthy
Janet McGill
Renee Page Meyer
Debbi Miller-Rosenstein
Sarah Carbine Muermann
Paul Nakazawa
Susan Otto Nord
Bonnie J. Parker Orr
Penny Paine
James Perkins
Walter Perrin
Alex Pope
Daniel Robin
Ellen F. Rosenblum
Ben M. Roth
Sharon Broslovik Sachse
Dennis Rondinella Sershon
Doug Shaker
Marcey Ganet Siegel
MaryNell O'Brien Simkoff
Perry Smulson
Robert Stein
Cheryl Suchors
Judy Moritz Swem
Robert Tarkington
Mary Seidman Trouille
Barbara Turvett
Terry Unterman
Tery Kaufman Veras
Michael Warmington
Margery Wade Wightman
Sally Wise